"Successfully Building Many Engineering and
Sales/Marketing Teams for Builders and Manufacturing
Companies for more than 20  years"
Services We Provide

Use all your existing tools and resources to build more efficient teams in
helping a growing business in the following supporting areas:

Engineering  - Preliminary Design & Estimating Tools/Data
                       - Value Engineering
                       - Engineering Design & Programming Support/Automation

Sales and     - Sale Leads, Contact Management, Office Tool Support,
      Data Mining, Remote System/Programming Support, ...

IT/Help Desk - Local/Remote IT Existing Tools and Programming Support
                       - Data Backup, On-Site Troubleshooting and Support

Research     - Data Analysis & Collection/Mining for Sales/Marketing
 Advantages, Business Intelligence Development, ...
                      - Custom Special Projects & Personalized Design Tools

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    Keys  to Lead The Field

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
Priority & Get it Done
Grow and Profit
Training & Share KNOWLEDGE
        ( We can provide tools)
Primalkey Design
Share Knowledge - Build Teams
Eng./Sales Data Integration & Design Support